Strategic Communications Advice

Effective communication means knowing what you want to communicate, who you want to reach and what you want to achieve. We can help companies and organisations identify their strategic goals and desired outcomes as well as prioritising audiences and drafting key messages that are clear, persuasive and effective in reaching strategic communication goals.

Business to Business Communications

We can help you reach key decision makers by finding unique insights and trends that will create brand value. In addition, deliver demonstrable and directly business supporting results through helping drive sales and new business which has significant impact on your bottom line.

Business to Consumer Marketing

The key is helping make your brand stand out from the crowd and attract consumers. We devise imaginative campaigns that will not only get your brand noticed but highlight the benefits which will help drive footfall and sales.

Corporate Profile Raising and Reputation Management

Nothing is more valuable to a company / organisation than its reputation and nurturing and managing this reputation is an investment every business and organisation needs to make. We will work with you to build, manage and defend the trusted profile your business needs to survive and thrive. Our work can also shift perceptions to benefit your organisation’s goals and strengthen your relationships with key stakeholders.

Crisis and Issues Management

It is key to have the experience, knowledge and discipline to handle communications in crisis situations. Our work includes a pre-event prevention strategy identifying potential risks, developing contingency plans and establishing lines of communication.

CSR Advice

Research consistently shows that consumers and media increasingly want to know how products are made and at what social and environmental cost. We can help organisations define their responsibilities as corporate citizens aligning the values of employees, consumers, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Financial Communications

With experience in managing results, mergers, acquisitions and flotations we can help companies communicate clearly and effectively with their financial audiences. We can enhance investor relations activities by getting messages clearly understood amongst the financial media as well as with analysts, investors and other commentators.

Professional Communications

We can offer targeted media activity and effective networking solutions to bring tangible business benefits to professional organisations who are looking to build and shape their reputations whilst developing relationships and identifying new contacts.

Internal Communications

Good internal communications can help motivate your workforce, make people more productive and inspire them so that your customers notice the difference. Internal audits, briefing systems, newsletters, roadshows, seminars and conferences can all play a part in an effective programme. Other elements can include culture change and re-structuring / rationalisation programmes.

International Campaigns

Having experience of cross border campaigns you need to be aware of language and culture differences as well as issues with the spoken and written word. With access to local market experts we can offer you all the benefits of a coordinated international programme (with central billing and quality control) to ensure you get maximum impact from your investment.

Public Affairs

Getting your message heard and understood by the people who shape policy, regulation and legislation has never been more important as businesses and business leaders come under ever-increasing scrutiny. We can offer support through political intelligence, political and media campaigns and help you make arguments and present solutions which will have impact on decision makers.

Event Management

We can help deliver events and events programmes which bring together your key audiences whether it be customers, employees or other key stakeholders. This could be to launch a product, encourage and inform debate or raise awareness of important issues.